Virtual Classrooms

Tokai Tutor Centre launched its first online tutoring on the 31st March 2020.   Tokai Tutor Centre provides a flexible education model, with lessons taught by our current tutors. Thanks to our amazing and dedicated tutors, we have continued to provide our learners with the quality and personalised education they are used to receiving

With so much uncertainty around us, it is good to be sure of the fact that at Tokai Tutor Centre learners can successfully complete the 2020 academic year.

Our learners have been able to have access to lessons with our qualified tutors.

Since Lockdown Day One our Grade 7 to Grade 10 learners have been hard at work keeping pace with the requirements to successfully complete the 2020 academic year.

Our tutors have been available daily and have personally interacted with, tutored and mentored individual leaners on a daily basis.

We have managed to actively engage with our learners using ZOOM, WhatsApp, pre-recorded voice lessons, emailed worksheets and notes as well as Real-time, active question and answer lessons. Through this form of learning our learners are being equipped with the skills needed to successfully complete the academic year by learning in the virtual learn-and-work-from-home world that we all find ourselves in.

We are aware that many parents are concerned about sending their children back to school once schools reopen, especially those with immune-compromised family members living in the same household.  With this in mind, Tokai Tutor Centre has designed learn-from-home online model that is aligned with CAPS curriculum provided by Impaq. TTC Online is not a home-schooling model, where parents need to take on the responsibility of teaching and continuous supervision

We have a set, structured weekly lesson schedule. This lesson schedule includes teachers initiating each class and guiding learners through pre-set material on the online platform. There is a structured timetable in place for the learners needing structure, as well as the option to be flexible for those that work well at their own pace. At Tokai Tutor Centre parents can assume a smaller supervisory role similar to the role they would normally fill such as checking that learners have completed their homework and tasks. Our TTC parents can rest assured that the academic process is taken care of by our tutors at Tokai Tutor Centre.

With Tokai Tutor Centre learning is continuing full steam ahead and you can be assured learners will continue learning during the 2020 academic year without interruption.

Tokai Tutor Centre uses the English medium and offers grades 7 to 10, with new grades being phased in every year. After the successful completion of Grade 12, learners following this curriculum provided by Impaq will receive the National Senior Certificate (NSC)